Worship Track


Why Join the Worship Track?

The Specialized one year Worship Track was an idea born in the heart and mind of Pastor Dan Carroll. Completing this track is a requirement for those who want to be involved in leading worship at Water of Life. As well it is designed for all who want to develop more of a heart for worship, their calling as a worshiper, and cultivate their musical, song writing, creative, and worship leading skills. Classroom teaching as well as practical training and opportunities to develop and use their musical skills will be available but not required. Whether or not you feel called to play or sing on a worship team, all who desire more of the presence of God will benefit greatly from the Worship Track.  


Classes Offered during the Worship Track:

Lifestyle of Worship:
This class deals with issues such as the posture, heart, and lifestyle of worship. It deals with how to be a worshiper, to host God’s presence—both in the church as well as in our everyday lives.

Book of Psalms:
This class includes a breakdown of Psalms, one of the most beloved books in the Bible, written by David (and a few other authors) paralleled with many events during David’s journey—from lowly shepherd boy to war hero eventually to his becoming King.

Praise Theology/Practicum:
Many people have heard the term, “praise and worship.” Most people don’t realize these are two different events. What is the difference? This class will focus on praise as the entry point and gateway to God’s presence.

Mosaic Tabernacle:
This class will leads us on a journey of worship from the entrance of the Mosaic Tabernacle until reaching the Ark of the Covenant, where God’s magnificent presence rested. This step by step journey teaches about worship as well as the character of the triune God.

Worship Theology:
What makes the difference between music and worship sacred? Is there a difference? This class will talk in depth about this diverse and yet vague topic from the Bible’s perspective. Don’t just worship. Understand why and how to worship.

Songwriting is an art-form developed over time. Why do some excel at it and some don’t? This class will teach those who have a desire to use their creativity to write, compose, and arrange lyrics and songs into expressions of worship fit for congregations.

Davidic Tabernacle:
Three distinct houses of worship were established in the Old Testament: the Mosaic Tabernacle, the Temple of Solomon, and the Davidic Tabernacle. In this class we’ll learn why God desires to reestablish David’s Tabernacle as a tent of worship today and forever.


Worship Track Director/Instructor:

Brian Ming, Associate Pastor

Brian has served the church in worship ministry years for over 20 years. In 2005, Brian became the worship leader at Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas, TX where he mentored hundreds of worship leaders, as well as recorded 4 internationally distributed worship projects. Dozens of his songs are sung by artists and churches throughout the U.S. and the world. After a brief time of pastoring, in 2014, God called him back into worship ministry, where they released a new album, Freedom Project. In 2016, they were hired by Water of Life to start the Worship Track at the Water of Life School of Ministry. Brian holds a Bachelor’s degree from Fresno Pacific University.


Guest Instructors:

Having world-renown and qualified guest instructors is a huge part of the Worship Track. Although the instructors vary, throughout each class offered students will have a number of guest instructors to glean from. Such instructors we’ve had in the past include Bethel Music’s Paul and Hannah McClure, Dove Award winning songwriter for “Revelation Song,” Jennie Lee Riddle, Grammy Nominated singer/songwriter and former lead singer of Sonic Flood, Jeff Deyo, and recording artists/worship leaders, Tommy Walker and Rita Springer. Each term of classes come with a different team of guest instructors, all of which bring a wealth of knowledge and experience.


Excused Absence Worksheet

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