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John and Naomi serve with Bengali Evangelical Association (BEA Ministries) to make the truth of the Scriptures simple and to assist in developing the application of Biblical principles among the villagers of Bangladesh, but within their own culture and lifestyle. Originally from California, they moved to Bangladesh to do the Lord’s work, 25 years ago; John is the President and Director of BEA Ministries.

Prayer Requests & Latest Update:

From the BEA Newsletter:” Each year the Bengali Evangelical Association (BEA) ministers to the poorest of the poor in remote villages of Bangladesh. They use every means possible from goats to rickshaws to spread the gospel message of Jesus Christ. Bangladesh is one of the world’s poorest nations, suffering from gross over population. The average yearly income is a meager $360. BEA’s self-help programs have ushered many families out of spiritual and financial bondage. BEA Director and President, Dr. John N. Biswas said, “Our goat program is one of several service-oriented outreaches we provide”. A few dollars can purchase a goat for an impoverished family. These hardy animals are ideal for village life because they can thrive in harsh conditions while producing up to four-quarts of high protein milk per day — a feast for the often malnourished children.” In addition to the self-help programs, BEA runs 13 elementary schools that provide free Christian education to poor village children. They are able to teach the Bible to their 380 students, 85 percent of which are Muslims.

Realizing that education is the path out of poverty, other BEA programs include a nurse’s assistant course for young women, many of whom are Muslims and Hindus. Biswas said, “We believe health care is one of the best ways to serve and share the gospel in Bangladesh. Christian nurse’s aides can share the love of God with the people as they care for their physical needs.” Other BEA educational programs include a program for the deaf and blind, a Bible school and computer-training program. Risky endeavors: Many risks come with the rewards of ministering in Bangladesh. The country, established only 42 years ago, is 92 percent Muslim and 7 percent Hindu. Biswas believes that the greatest challenge in reaching out to the people of Bangladesh is the difference in their cultural outlook. His comment was, “They understand things a different way. As Christians we’re taught to love our enemy. To forgive. To repent. Their culture teaches the exact opposite. To seek revenge. So it is difficult. Yet, there are always people who look for the truth.” Realizing the cultural differences, BEA missionaries strive to make the truth of Scripture simple. “They’ve always been taught that Jesus Christ is only for Christians,” Biswas said. “We tell them that Jesus Christ died for everyone.” Biswas’ goals for his homeland are God-sized. “We desire to reach the entire rural population of Bangladesh sharing the salvation story of the great Savior.”


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