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Missionary Information:

Base leaders, oversight to Discipleship Training Schools and local community outreaches.

Quarterly Update:

We are doing well! Through this winter we've had a few fevers, flus and colds but nothing serious. Our kids are growing and becoming good buddies as Levi now is starting to enjoy playing with his brother. They have the tendency to chase each other around the house giggling at each other and falling on top of each other. Levi is talking more and more (mostly in spanish!) and James loves to tell you how his day was (although you have to kind of guess half of what he's trying to tell you).
We are now in full-on winter, but we have great news! We have bought ourselves a wood-burning stove! It may not be like what you’re thinking, because it was once a water heater, now complete with a metal door and grates inside! I tell ya, one thing people do right here for sure is RECYCLE! We are so grateful though for it, since we’ve never gone through a winter where we’re actually warm inside our house during the day! As you can see in the picture, we've put it beside our beautiful window bench that Jake made!
We spend our days working, taking turns watching the kids, coming and going. Jacob has been doing tons of construction work along with the boys in the base, cleaning up our Operations Center and making it looks great! We use this place for our Sunday Church Services, King's Kids, our "Snack Time" with the neighborhood kids, our external school and any other activities that require being in the city.
Karley has been working so hard for the past 2 months along with the Art ministry preparing a play called "Punchinello: You Are Special" (based on the story by Max Lucado) meant to be presented on August 19 for our national Kid's day. For two months there have been plenty of practices, painting, costume making, adjusting, and more practice. This play ended up being 12 minutes long with 4 different scenes. The art team did a great job and when we had our Kid's day event over 200 kids came to our event!**
With our children's ministry, Jake has been working with someones more than 35 kids each Saturday morning, teaching them about God and how much He loves them.

We ask that you pray for our teenagers. They are all living this challenging stage of different changes, and there is so much pressure where we live for them to get involved in drugs, alcohol, sexual promiscuity and violence. We ask that you keep them in your prayers, that God would continue to keep them safe and challenge them to grow in His truth.
We are excited to say that we have finished our external school! We had 3 months of classes two times a week, sharing about God's love, His work on the cross, what that looks like for us as christians among many other topics. We are so proud of our 13 students that came to almost every single class! We saw how God was continuing to work in their lives as they shared their stories with us. There was even a young couple that had been living together for quite some time that decided to get married because they wanted to live according to what God wants for them! We were so honored to work with each one of these amazing people! Thank you
Thank you so much for your prayers and support. We know that God is doing amazing things here and is taking us to greater things, and that you're being a part of it too!

God bless!

Jacob, Karley James & Levi

Prayer Requests:

  • We ask that you pray for a married couple that along with friends of ours we have started to disciple with Jacob. They have had many problems and were about to separate when they sought us out and asked for help. Every Wednesday I go with my friend Lorena to visit the wife and once a week Jacob and Dany (Lorena's husband) sit down with the husband and talk. Its only been a few weeks since we started but we are already seeing positive changes in them. Please pray for them, their names are Moises and Flor. They have 4 children as well.
  • This weekend Jacob is going to be preaching and sharing workshops in a town 6 hours south of here. Please pray for his trip that God would protect him as well as give him and the team that's going wisdom and discernment on what God wants them to share.
  • We also ask that you be praying for James - he has had problems with going to the bathroom for quite some time and we are trying to figure out how to get him to go without resisting! (He holds back and doesn't go properly for several days, up to a week sometimes). Please pray that we find a solution and that he would learn to go without problems!


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