Specialized Track Program Tuition


Tuition & Payments


Program Fees

  • $155 Tuition Fee - Individual Student Rate per quarter

  • $125 Tuition Fee - Family Rate per student per quarter

  • $65 Graduation Fee - Final Quarter Fee per student

Minimum of $50 tuition deposit required with application. Payment plans are available!


Childcare Fees

  • Available for children ages 1-11

  • Quarter Flat Rate per child: $50 per quarter for each child (a savings of $5- $10 per quarter, fee must be paid at registration)

  • Class Rate per child: $6 per week for each child (this option is for those who may not intend to bring their child each week or intend to pay as they go)

If you have questions regarding your tuition fees or account balances, please contact us. We are here to serve you!

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