School of Ministry


The School of Ministry Mission Statement

The Water of Life Community Church School of Ministry is a non-accredited program that serves to equip and train the church body by providing biblically sound instruction in the Word of God and to activate them in the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

Three Ways to Start with the School of Ministry

The School of Ministry continues to strive toward meeting the equipping needs of our church body and community. As a result, we have provided a streamlined process to assist you in navigating through all our course offering specific to your needs.

1. Personal Enrichment Equipping Classes

These classes are offered through various ministries at Water of Life to educate, disciple and minister to the heart and mind. You have the option to take one class at a time in the following areas:

  • Bible Classes & Studies
  • Marriage & Family
  •  Ministry Training

  •  Core Classes

  •  Prayer 

  •  Empowered Kids

  • Training Classes & Seminars 

  • Healing & Caring

2. The Two-Year Program (offered in English & Spanish)

The Two-Year Program is offered during the Fall, Winter and Spring Quarters. Each track is 11 weeks. No classes are offered during the summer. Classes in your program are either offered Sunday afternoons or Tuesday evenings and must be attended during the same day each week.

Track 1

WOL Core Values
Ministry & Gifts of the HS I
How to Share Your Faith
Hearing the Voice of God

  Track 3

Generous Life
Gifts of Spirit
Biblical Theology

  Track 5

How to Study the Bible
Old Testament Survey
Ministry Placement I

Track 2

New Testament Survey
Living Waters

  Track 4

Urban Theology
Philosophy of Ministry
Ministry Team Training I
Prayer Session Training

  Track 6

Bible Practicum
Kingdom of God
Small Groups

Tuesday Schedule – 6:15p-9:10p // Sunday Schedule – 2:00p-4:45p

“I must say that I'm not ashamed anymore that I was terrified to start classes! During one of our sessions, we were encouraged to release those things that were holding us back in ministry. I was totally out of my comfort zone with people I did not know. You see, fear was what had kept me from being all God has called me to be! I'm not afraid anymore, praise God! After that class, I stepped out of my way and allowed the Holy Spirit full control. So many strongholds were broken that night. God had this planned from 1.5 years ago- for a time such as this.”
– Spring 2016 Track 1 Student

3. NEW! Specialized Track Program (offered Tuesdays only)

We are excited to continue the new Specialized Track Program. This unique program offers new and SOM graduate students four tracks highlighting a specific area in ministry such as: Bible, Islamic Initiative, Worship, and Shepherd’s Staff Caregiving. These specific areas of study will be taught by experts in the field and emphasize additional educational components including classroom participation, project assignments and serving opportunities. If you are not a SOM Graduate, you will need to complete a set of core classes in partnership with the program.


The Bible Track – Two Year Program

This track is taught and led by many esteemed instructors from Fuller Seminary, Azusa Pacific University and Life Pacific College. In this track, students will learn a broad spectrum of biblical knowledge and be able to successfully articulate and integrate biblical truths into their personal journeys in Christ.

The Islamic Initiative Track – One Year Program

Under the leadership of Associate Pastor Norm Brinkley, students will prepare to work with Muslims both locally and globally. They will learn through knowledge, practicums, and spiritual development training. 

The Worship Track – One Year Program

Under the leadership of Associate Pastor Brian Ming, students will have the opportunity to learn the heart, theology, position and lifestyle of Worship.

The Shepherd’s Staff Caregiving Track – One Year Program

In partnership with the Healing Department, the Shepherd’s Staff Caregiving Training is now under the School of Ministry. Through this program, students will be equipped to bring healing to the broken hearted. 

Core Class Requirements:

If you are not a SOM graduate, you will need to complete a set of core classes in partnership with the program. These classes include: Discovering Water of Life (DWOL), Core Values, Ministry & Gifts of the Holy Spirit 1, Gifts of the Holy Spirit, and Ministry Team Training.