Islamic Initiative Track


Islamic Initiative Track

The Islamic Initiative Track is sponsored through our Islamic Outreach (IO) ministry. This specialized track prepares students for local and global work with the Muslim community. The track consists of three (11-week) sessions. Each session has an emphasis on knowledge, practicum and spiritual development:

  • Emphasizing knowledge of the Islam religion

  • Practicums to prepare students for encounters with Muslims

  • Spiritual development that will equip students in being able to do ministry anywhere in the world

Students will receive special Islamic Outreach passports to collect knowledge, practicum and spiritual development "stamps" throughout each session. Core, prerequisite classes will be required to take in order to participate in the track, but may be taken simultaneously.

Students are encouraged to choose an emphasis in one of three areas in order to fully maximize their outreach towards Muslims, especially in the global sphere:

  • Healing Rooms - Provides healing for issues that impact an individual's personal welfare

  • Sozo (salvation in Greek) Ministry - Provides deep inner healing for those who experience family-of-origin issues

  • Living Waters - Provides spiritual healing related to an individual's identity

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