Applications & Next Steps



We are excited about your interest in a Water of Life Global Outreach Team planned for 2018! Each Global Team is a journey where the 5 core values of Water of Life connect as found in Luke 4:18-19: Healing, Sending, Caring, Equipping and Relationships.

On a Global Team you will find yourself:
- Proclaiming healing to those around you
- Sending others out of their brokenness to heal others – as well as being sent out yourself!
- Caring for the poor, the hurting and the needy
- Getting equipped before you go through classes, discipleship and training
- And building life-long relationships as you prepare and serve with your team

Steps to apply for a Global Outreach Team:

1. Pray!

  • Is God calling you?
  • Where is He calling you to go?
  • What type of ministry is He calling you to do?

2. Fill out a Global Outreach Application packet "here".  

  • Global Outreach Returner Application Packet “click here(if you've traveled with us from 2015-on)
  • Global Outreach Pastoral Reference "click here"
  • Global Outreach Personal Reference "click here"
  • Mexico Application Packet “click here
  • Mexico Returner Application Packet "click here" (if you’ve traveled with us from 2015-on)

If you are unsure of which Application Packet to complete, please contact us BEFORE downloading one. 

3. Make sure you have a valid passport (see below)

4. Turn in your deposit to secure your spot (pending acceptance to a team)

  • Deposit for all teams (except Mexico) = $300
  • Deposit for Mexico = $60
  • Deposit must come from the individual applying for the team
  • If you are not able to participate for any reason, your deposit will be refunded to you or held for you to use towards a future team in the same calendar year.
  • If any funds were paid towards trip costs (flights, lodging, etc.) you will receive back any funds that have not been spent.

5. Pray!

  • God’s will: Ask how God wants to use you to serve globally this year.
  • Spiritual preparation: Pray for God to prepare you and your team’s hearts.
  • Financial provision: Pray for you and your team’s finances.

For all Global Outreach teams (including Mexico) a passport is required. If you currently have a passport, please check the expiration date. Passports must not expire within 6 months of the team’s return date.

To renew or apply for a passport, please visit the US State Department’s website for the most current information:

If you have questions or would like any additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact us by sending an e-mail to or by calling us at 909.463.0103 x4182.