Applications & Next Steps



We are excited about your interest in a Water of Life Global Outreach trip planned for 2019! Each Global trip is a journey where the 5 core values of Water of Life connect as found in Luke 4:18-19. These core values are Healing, Sending, Caring, Equipping and Relationships.

On a Global trip you will find yourself:

  • Proclaiming healing to those around you

  • Sending others to heal others – as well as being sent out yourself!

  • Caring for the poor, the hurting and the needy

  • Getting equipped through classes, discipleship and training

  • Building life-long relationships as you prepare and serve with your team

Steps to apply for a Global Outreach Team


  • Is God calling you?

  • Where is He calling you to go?

  • What type of ministry is He calling you to do?

Fill out a Global Outreach Application packet "here"

Global Outreach Pastoral Reference "click here"

Global Outreach Personal Reference "click here"

Mexico Application Packet “click here

Mexico Returner Application Packet "click here"
(if you’ve traveled with us from 2015-on)

If you are unsure of which Application packet to complete, please contact us BEFORE filling out one.  

Make sure you have a valid passport (see below)

Turn in your deposit to secure your spot (pending acceptance to a team)

  • Deposit for all teams (except Mexico) = $300

  • Deposit for Mexico = $60

  • Deposit must come from the individual applying for the team

  • If you are not able to participate for any reason, your deposit will be refunded to you or held for you to use towards a future team

  • If any funds were paid towards trip costs (flights, lodging, etc.) you will receive back any funds that have not been spent.


  • God’s will: Ask how God wants to use you to serve globally this year.

  • Spiritual preparation: Pray for God to prepare you and your team’s hearts.

  • Financial provision: Pray for you and your team’s finances.


Don’t let money be the reason you don’t go! 

The Global Outreach Department believes that if God is calling you to go, He WILL provide a way. Our desire is to walk with you and your team every step of the way and provide as much assistance and support as needed. 

Last year, Water of Life provided the opportunity for teams to fundraise an average of 25% of their total trip costs!  These funds help offset ministry costs and reduce the overall cost of the trip.  Some of the fundraising opportunities Water of Life provides include:


  • Fireworks Booth

  • Restaurant Fundraisers

  • Blood Drives

  • Goodwill Drives

And more potential large fundraising events provided by Global Outreach!

Be encouraged…the Global Outreach Department is here to help you GO and continue your journey with God!


For all GO Teams (including Mexico) a passport is required. *If you currently have a passport, please check the expiration date.  Passports must not expire within 6 months of the team’s return date.

*US citizen children under the age of 16 traveling to Mexico do NOT need a passport.  They only need to present a birth certificate or other proof of citizenship. The birth certificate can be an original, photocopy, or certified copy. 

To renew or apply for a passport, please visit the US State Department’s website for the most current information:


If you have questions or would like any additional information, contact us at or 909.463.0103 x4182.