CityLink Christmas Toy Store

December 18, 2017

9:30am – 6:00pm

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Every year, CityLink provides toys for families in need. This year, CityLink is hosting their annual Christmas Toy Store, where parents can come and shop for new toys for their children free of charge. How can you help support this outreach?

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Serve at the Christmas Toy Store

Christmas Toy Store Operation
The Christmas Toy Store will be open from Monday, December 18th through Wednesday, December 20th. On Monday, the store will be open from 9:30a-6:00p. On Tuesday and Wednesday, it will be open from 12:30p-6:00p.

We will need:

  • Store manager(s): To oversee daily operation and set up of the toy store (will re-stock toys and other supplies).
  • Hospitality Volunteers: To serve water, coffee and hot tea to our guests while they wait in line for their appointments. 2-3 people needed per day.
  • Greeters: To direct guests from the hospitality kiosk to the toy store. 2-3 people needed per day.
  • Check-In Volunteers: To verify guest appointment cards against registration list. 3-4 people needed per day.
  • Hosts/Hostesses: Each guest will have a host/hostess to assist him/her in selecting an age-appropriate toy for each child. These volunteers will guide guests through the store and lead them to the wrapping room. They will also get the opportunity to minister to and pray for guests.
  • Wrappers/Stockers: To wrap and stock gifts.
  • Gate and Line Control Volunteers: To ensure that guests move smoothly through the lines and arrive at the toy store as quickly as possible.

All are invited to serve! For more information, contact Anna Ulibarri at or at 909.803.1059 x2227.

Register to serve:


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