Embrace Me! Adoption & Foster Care


"I WILL NOT leave you as orphans, I WILL come to you"  - John 14:18


Embrace Me! is a resource-based ministry dedicated to individuals, families, and churches who have always wanted to "do something" to help children but didn't know where to go or what to do. 


Our mission is to equip people to become an adoptive/foster parent by providing information, services and support.


Every church will "do something" to reduce the 130,000 children who are living in the United States foster care system and waiting to be adopted. Our hope is that these children will have families who will show them the way to Christ!  


Embrace Me! Information Meeting
Location: Two-Story Building, Seminar J, Fontana Campus
6:00p - 8:00p

Join us at our upcoming information meeting to find out more about becoming a foster, adoptive or respite care parent! This reoccuring meeting will be held the first Wednesday of every month through October.

Register by filling out the form below. Please let us know what date you will attend. We look forward to seeing you!


Every year 500,000 children are placed in foster care. That means EVERY 36 seconds, a child is taken from his/her home, family, friends, relatives, toys, bedroom, clothes, pets, etc. 130,000 of these children never return home and are waiting for someone to adopt them.


Christians are being faithful in visiting, clothing, feeding and praying for orphans, but WHO will go beyond the “call of duty” to care for them and actually make them a part of their families?


Adult singles make excellent parents!

Can’t find the “love of your life?” Then find your life in the love of a child!

If you are interested in supporting our children, please fill out the form below:

Isabel Hunt
Founder & Executive Director

For more information, please contact Isabel at 909.418.4640. You can also visit www.embrace-adoption.com.