Water of Life Statement on CA Bills Regarding Sexuality & Gender


AB2943 Bill Pulled 
August 31, 2018

In a nation so deeply divided by ideology and divisive rhetoric, rarely do we have leaders who will step forth and make an effort to cross the divide and actually discuss issues with those on the opposite side. Leaders willing to sit and listen to those who oppose them and their agenda and are sincere in their desire to build something better. Today Evan Low pulled AB 2943 from consideration after doing just that. Evan allowed those who have opposed AB 2943 to come into his office and explain why and what this bill would actually mean to them and their congregations. 

California is better because Evan Low has listened to and cared about those on the other side of an issue dear to his heart. He has taken the time to not only listen but to travel throughout the state and engage Christian Pastors who have been deeply troubled by
AB 2943.

Evan invited me to his office in June and we discussed AB 2943 and the issues at length. I understood his passion for the people he cares for and those he represents in the LGBTQ Caucus, and he heard my concerns as a pastor of thousands of Californians in the Inland Empire. He took a huge risk and asked if he could come to the Inland Empire and meet with pastors to talk. He crossed the divide to attempt what very few leaders in our nation are willing to do today - actually discuss our differences and hear each other’s hearts and concerns. On Saturday, August 18, Evan visited Water of Life Community Church in Fontana and joined in a sometimes tense discussion with 25 local pastors representing thousands of Californians. He said, “We are the super majority. I don’t have to be here, I want to be here.”  This was an amazing moment in light of the recent history of the Church and the LGBTQ movement in California. He thoughtfully and intently sat in a church with many leaders who he knew adamantly opposed his bill and he heard their hearts.

I am deeply grateful that Assemblyman Low is leading the way to healing for all of us by participating in a collaborative dialogue that will ultimately yield a far better California than any of us can produce by demeaning, disrespecting and disregarding those we oppose.

Danny Carroll
Senior Pastor
Water of Life Community Church