Dan Carroll
Senior Pastor










Susan DePaola
Executive Assistant to
Senior Pastor
909.463.0103 x4125

Grace Wagner

Church Administrative Assistant
909.463.0103 x4129

Executive Team

Rolo Santos
Executive Pastor of Ministries
Paul DePaola
Executive Director
of Ministry Operations
Alcira Zuniga
Executive Assistant to Executive Team
909.463.0103 x4154



Linda Jones
Sr. Staff Pastor/ Sr. Director
of Equipping

Nate Womack
Director of
WOL College/
Associate Pastor
of Equipping
909.463.0103 x4150

Janine Stewart
Equipping Ministries Coordinator
909.463.0103 x4188

Pattie Ramos
Equipping Class
909.463.0103 x4111

Gisele Cobos
School of Ministry Manager
909.463.0103 x4107

Lisa Kennerknecht
School of Ministry Weekday Coordinator
909.463.0103 x4108

Brian Dietrich
School of Ministry Weekend Coordinator
909.463.0103 x4106

Angelica Cervantes
School of Ministry Administrative & Accounting Clerk
909.463.0103 x4161

Local Outreach


Willie Ulibarri
Sr. Staff Pastor/ Director
of Local & Off-Site
909.803.1059 x2220

Victor Arias
Assistant Director
909.803.1059 x2205


Anna Ulibarri
Grant Manager
909.803.1059 x2227

Omar Cervantes
Food Warehouse/ Thrift Store Ministry Leader
909.803.1059 x2224

Local Outreach
Office Manager
909.803.1059 x2203

Lois Levitt
Lead Case Manager
Technician / Accounting Clerk
909.803.1059 x2204

Cathy Marinelarena
Case Manager Technician
909.803.1059 x2206

Renele Awono
CAP Coordinator
909.803.1059 x2208

Sameerah Thomason
Local Outreach Volunteer Coordinator
909.803.1059 x2221



Nico Mendez
Pastor/Director of Healing
909.463.0103 x4113


Bob Bryant
Associate Pastor of
909.463.0103 x4117

Carena Nelson
Healing Ministry Leader
909.463.0103 x4119

JoAnne Flynn
Associate Pastor of Shepherd's Staff and Support Groups
909.463.0103 x4176

Chuck Belk
Associate Pastor of
Marriage and Singles Ministry
909.463.0103 x4139
Jeremiah Zaretsky
Associate Pastor of Family Ministries
909.463.0103 x4122

Kim McGinty
Licensed Counselor

Elise Gray
Healing Administrative Coordinator
909.463.0103 x4127
Alcira Zuniga
Healing Administrative
909.463.0103 x4195

Hispanic Ministries/Agua de Vida

Sal Angulo
Pastor of Hispanic Ministries
Agua de Vida
909.463.0103 x4193 
Vicky Olloqui
Hispanic Ministries Coordinator
Agua de Vida
909.463.0103 x4123
Rey Rios
Hispanic Ministries Weekend Coordinator
Agua de Vida
909.463.0103 x4103

Children's Ministry


Ministry Leader of Children's Ministry
Jon Pierce
Elementary Department Ministry Leader
909.463.0103 x4233

3rd - 4th Grade Ministry Coordinator
909.463.0103 x4211

Sandy Estrada
Preschool Department
Ministry Leader
909.463.0103 x4228

3 Year Old
Ministry Coordinator
909.463.0103 x4225

Kathy Wright
Nursery Ministry Leader
909.463.0103 x4227

2 Year Old Ministry
909.463.0103 x4216

Paul Pituch
EK Care Coordinator
909.463.0103 x4231

Amy Stewart
Children’s Ministry Administrative Coordinator
909.463.0103 x4215
Vicky Anderson
Midweek Children's 
Ministry Coordinator
909.463.0103 x4242


Children's Worship/Creative Arts Ministry Leader
909.463.0103 x4229
Sabrina Johnson
Children’s Technical Arts & Media Coordinator
909.463.0103 x4219
Brenson Renderos
Children's Media Tech

Children's Volunteer Coordinator
909.463.0103 x4230

 Small Groups


Jon Llera
Upland Campus
Pastor / Director of
Small Groups
909.463.0103 x4124

Rolanda Norman
Ministry Leader of
Small Groups
909.463.0103 x4198

Amanda Placencia
Small Groups Coordinator
909.463.0103 x4149

NXTGEN/ Outreach

Shane Carroll
Sr. Staff Pastor/ Director of NxtGen/ Global Outreach Ministries 
Julianne Smith
Director of Global Outreach
909.463.0103 x4115

Norm Brinkley
Associate Pastor of Islamic Outreach
909.463.0103 x4114

Lili Arias
Global Outreach Coordinator
909.463.0103 x4182

Matt France
Associate Pastor/ Director
of NxtGen
909.463.0103 x4110

Marcus Nuaimi
Associate Pastor of Student Ministries
909.463.0103 x4116
Victoria Miller
NxtGen Ministry Leader
909.463.0103 x4158
Lauren Andrews
Student Ministries
909.463.0103 x4184
Jesus Alfaro
Ministry Leader of 56
909.463.0103 x4136

Jakeem Morgan
Ministry Leader of
Young Adults
909.463.0103 x4137

Brittney Chavez
Young Adult Administrative Coordinator
909.463.0103 x4148

Offsite Campuses

Willie Ulibarri
Sr. Staff Pastor/ Director
of Local Outreach & Off-Site Campuses
909.803.1059 x2220

Jon Llera
Upland Campus Pastor / Director of Small Groups
909.463.0103 x4124

Upland Children's
Ministry Coordinator
909.463.0103 x4232
Andrew Aguilar
Ministry Coordinator of
Student Ministries, Upland

Rosena Ranch Children's Ministry Coordinator



Jacob Poole
Sr. Director of Worship & Service Production
909.463.0103 x4120

Jenna Cuevas
Director of Musical Arts
909.463.0103 x4163

Josh Holley
Music Director

Chantel Molina
Worship Leader/Vocal Director
Garrette Hall
Worship Leader
Bryan McIntire 
Ministry Leader of NxtGen Worship
909.463.0103 x4183

Worship Administrative Coordinator




Marvin Sinson
Director of Technical Arts
& Media
909.463.0103 x1105

Debbie Keough
Media Production Manager
909.463.0103 x1104

Christian Reyes
Media & NxtGen Tech Lead
909.463.0103 x1132

Kevin Johnson
System Tech & Media Lead
909-463-0103 x1138

Chris Frank
Media Tech

Inez Bass
Tech Arts & Worship Coordinator
909.463.0103 x1137

Guest Services 

Mark Nuaimi
Sr. Director of Operations
909.463.0103 x4133

Kellie Chappell
Assimilation Coordinator
909.463.0103 x4138

Nick Formichella
Transportation Coordinator

Jennifer Osmond
Membership Data Coordinator
909.463.0103 x4168

Rick Savage
Assimilation Administrative Clerk
909.463.0103 x4177
Dovie Majors
Kiosk Clerk

Church Administration

Mark Bluethman
Chief Administrative Officer  
Patricia Cascio
Assistant to Chief Administrative Officer
909.463.0103 x4151


David Pelletier
Director of Finance
909.463.0103 x4156

Sue Fisher
Accounts Receivable
909.463.0103 x4109

Marisa Peterson
Payroll Specialist
909.463.0103 x4175

Jennifer Hayward
Accounts Payable Clerk
909.463.0103 x4118
Veronica Zuniga
Accounting Clerk
909.463.0103 x4187

Rozina Williams
Accounts Receivable Clerk
909.463.0103 x4152

Human Resources

Dawn Girod
Director of Human Resources
909.463.0103 x4147

Alyssa Scott
HR Generalist
909.463.0103 x4173

Danielle Medina
Human Resources Coordinator
909.463.0103 x4132


Victor Alonso
Director of Technology
909.463.0103 x4155
Technology Assistant
909.463.0103 x4140

Support Services / Serving Central


Sheila Panattoni
Support Services Coordinator
909.463.0103 x4160
Briana Hernandez

Administrative Clerk
909.463.0103 x4104

Campus Safety

Marcus Friedemann
Director of Campus Safety
909.463.0103 x4157



Bill Evans
Director of Facilities
909.463.0103 x1196

Joel McHaffie
Facilities Logistics
909.463.0103 x4127

Tony Thompson
Custodial Supervisor
909.463.0103 x1195
Isaiah Douglas
Maintenance Technician
Matt Stannard
Maintenance Technician
Hilda Castaneda
Margarita Molina 
Sammy Placencia
Sonia Chavez
Devin Fischetti
Robert Marin
Custodial Assistant
Jonathan Clarke
Custodial Assistant
Jesse Pascoe
Custodial Assistant 


Becky Calderon
Sr. Director of Operations
909.463.0103 x4179
Lara Sperry
Manager of
909.463.0103 x4192
Chris Krausman
Print Production Coordinator
909.463.0103 x4191

Artie Delgado
Video Production Manager
909.463.0103 x4105

Jordan Keith
Video Production

Mike Jacinto
Graphic Designer
909.463.0103 x4126

Cassidy Boatright
Graphic Designer 
909.463.0103 x4102

Garrette Hall
Social Media Specialist
909.463.0103 x4164

Tiana Stannard
Administrative Coordinator
909.463.0103 x4189
Carol Postma
Production Assistant

Kaprea Devila
Social Media Assistant




Café Manager


Cheryl Campbell
Bookstore Manager