Shepherd's Staff Caregiving Track


Shepherd's Staff Caregivers Track

Shepherd’s Staff Caregiving Training has moved to School of Ministry as a specialized track!
This training prepares students to biblically and prayerfully provide support, encouragement and opportunities for growth for those who are hurting.
The training consists of three quarters, 11 weeks each, and students may begin training at any quarter. You do not need to be a School of Ministry Graduate to attend this training, but SOM Graduates are welcome. The class sessions will consist of lecture, skills training (hands on practice), and a discussion time to provide students with a variety of learning experiences. Students will receive instruction in these areas:

  • Model of Healing
  • Understanding Ourselves
  • Relating to Others (topics such as Divorce Recovery, Anger, Depression, Grief, Domestic Violence, and others)
  • Skills (Listening, Questions, Empathy)
  • Idols and Addictions
  • Understanding Families

Teachers will be WOL staff and guest speakers who are experts on their topics with many years of experience in the field.
Core classes will be required but can be taken during the training.


Excused Absense Worksheet

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